Video Strategies Used by Tour Operators

What is really communicated?

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Publication year: 1993

Taking the tourism system and its various components as a starting point, a study has been made of video films employed in charter tour operators' marketing operations. The objective of the study was to achieve an understanding of what in fact is communicated between each organization and the viewer - the tourist to be. The analysis shows that videos may directly influence attitudes and that while the strategic aims of the organizations using videos appear to be achievable - ie to package the experience, to direct the viewers' expectations, and ultimately to sell charter tours - unconscious results are also obtained. The pictures of dream and fantasy promise social relations, thrills, adventure and self-fulfilment. The question arises of whether tour operators act knowledgeably and responsibly in tourism situations where people of differing cultural backgrounds are brought together. It is argued that the video may serve to reinforce prejudices and defend typical ‘tourist’ behaviour.


Monica Hanefors

Högskolan Dalarna; Socialantropologi
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Lena Larsson

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