Oral health-related quality of life among patients with periodontal disease

Document identifier: oai:dalea.du.se:2586
Keyword: Beteendemedicinska modeller för prediktion och förändring av patienters munhälsobeteende vid parodontal behandling.
Publication year: 2006
Relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
SDG 3 Good health and wellbeing
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Introduction: Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) is a multidimensional concept dealing with quality of life related specifically to health and disease. Dental research and practice have traditionally concentrated mostly on dental diagnoses assessed by professionals, disregarding patient experiences. However, lately instruments have been developed to measure oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL). Objective: The objective with the present study was to measure patients' experiences of OHRQoL before and after dental hygiene treatment among patients with periodontal disease. Methods: A total of 44 patients referred to a specialist in periodontology, who underwent dental hygiene treatment participated. The questionnaire General Oral Health Assesment Index (GOHAI) was used. Results: No statistically significant differences could be found between the two measurements (before and after dental hygiene treatment). The psychosocial function was rated highest at both occasions. Patients who were younger were more dissatisfied with their teeth and rated their OHRQoL worse than older patients. There were no correlation between GOHAI and periodontal status. Conclusion: Dental hygiene treatment did not influenced on OHRQoL measured with GOHAI


Kerstin Öhrn

Högskolan Dalarna; Vårdvetenskap med inriktning mot munhälsa
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Birgitta Jönsson

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