Cost-efficent operation of a denitrifying activated sludge process

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Keyword: Activated sludge process; Cost-efficient operation; Denitrification; Operational maps; Fee functions
Publication year: 2007
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SDG 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructureSDG 6 Clean water and sanitation
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In this paper, the choice of optimal set-points and cost minimizing control strategies for the denitrification process in an activated sludge process are treated. In order to compare different criterion functions, simulations utilizing the COST/IWA simulation benchmark are considered. By means of operational maps the results are visualized. It is found that it is easy to distinguish set-point areas where the process can be said to be efficiently controlled in an economic sense. The characteristics of these set-point areas depend on the chosen effluent nitrate set-point as well as the distribution of the different operating costs. It is also discussed how efficient control strategies may be accomplished.


Pär Samuelsson

Högskolan Dalarna; Elektroteknik
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Björn Halvarsson

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Bengt Carlsson

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