Li-induced phase transition from the Ge(111)3x1:Li surface reconstruction to the Ge(111)rot3xrot3:Li lithium germanid

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Publication year: 2000
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We have investigated the Li-induced phase transition from the Ge(111)3×1:Li to the Ge(111)sqrt[3]×sqrt[3]:Li reconstruction with photoemission. The Ge(111)3×1:Li reconstruction can be described as parallel rows of Ge atoms separated by single rows of Li atoms. The Ge(111)sqrt[3]×sqrt[3]:Li reconstruction, on the other hands, has to be described in terms of a Li-germanide phase extending over at least two atomic layers.


Mikael Grehk

Högskolan Dalarna; Materialvetenskap
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Mats Göthelid

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Magnus Björkqvist

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Guy Le Lay

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Ulf Karlsson

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