Movement disorder monitoring

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Publication year: 2006
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SDG 3 Good health and wellbeing
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A test battery (10) for patients having fluctuating movement disorder, e.g. Parkinson's disease, comprises both a motor test section (17) and a patient diary collection section (19) collecting data representing patient subjective experiences. The test battery (10) further comprises a scheduler (20), which is arranged to restrict operation of the motor test section (17) and the patient diary collection section (19) to a multitude of predetermined limited time intervals. This restriction in time provides an association in time between the two types of tests, as well as a possibility for timing the test intervals dependent on e.g. the medication schedule or the daily activity schedule. The limited time intervals are preferably shorter than or equal to one hour, and preferably there is at least one limited time interval each 24 hours. The test battery (10) is preferably implemented as a portable device, enabling monitoring under home environment conditions.


Jerker Westin

Högskolan Dalarna; Datateknik
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Mark Dougherty

Högskolan Dalarna; Datateknik
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Torgny Groth

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Dag Nyholm

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