Experiences of an educational programme for individuals with blindness caused by diabetes

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Keyword: Medical and Health Sciences, Health Sciences, Medicin och hälsovetenskap, Hälsovetenskaper, Empowerment education programme, Problem-based learning, Blindness and diabetes, Self-efficacy, Qualitative analysis
Publication year: 2006
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SDG 3 Good health and wellbeingSDG 4 Quality education
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Background: Individuals with blindness caused by diabetes face problems in their daily life that are related to both conditions. Hopefully some of these problems can be solved and simplified through a suitable educational programme. Aims: The aim of this study was to evaluate whether the educational programme 'I'm the boss' is suitable for blind individuals with diabetes, and to discover whether and how the programme inspired the participants in developing self-management skills. Methods: An ophthalmologic centre and two medical centres in a well-defined geographic area were screened for blind individuals with diabetes, resulting in the participation of nine individuals in the educational programme. The programme consisted of six three-hour-long weekly sessions based on empowerment and problem-based learning. Empowerment was measured using the Swedish version of the diabetes empowerment scale (Swe-DES-23). After completion of the programme, the participants were interviewed (focus group and individual interviews). The interviews were analysed using qualitative content analysis. Findings: The evaluation of the educational programme showed that almost half the participants improved their diabetes empowerment in the subscales self-awareness and ability to manage stress. The qualitative data corresponded well with the quantitative data in terms of increasing participants' self-efficacy and knowledge. The learning process was experienced as flexible and the content as stimulating and creative. Conclusion: It is concluded that the programme seems suitable for blind individuals with diabetes, and in collaboration with others allows space for innovation and self-realisation.


Janeth Leksell

Högskolan Dalarna; Omvårdnad
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Gun Sandberg

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Karin Wikblad

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