"Magistrander" teachers linking schools and university : experiences from the University of Dalarna, Sweden

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Keyword: Magistrand, Samverkan skola - högskola
Publication year: 2002
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SDG 4 Quality educationSDG 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions
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For some time, a debate has been going on in Sweden on how to link schools and universities to create more efficient and mutually beneficial co-operation. A pilot scheme at the University of Dalarna, financed by the State and local authorities, has created special posts for teachers allowing them to work part time in school and part time at the university. The teachers involved become “magistrander”, post-graduate students working towards a Master’s degree. Initiatives of this type raise some important questions: • What impact, if any, does this type of programme have on teachers’ skills and on activities taking place in schools? • Does it affect courses and research at the university taking part in this co-operation? The purpose of this paper is to discuss expectations and results based on experiences from the University of Dalarna.


Mats Lundgren

Högskolan Dalarna; Pedagogiskt arbete
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