Design and fabrication of a portable Fresnel reflector

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Publication year: 2006

This paper presents a feasibility study of a portable Fresnel reflector that was designed and constructed using inexpensive materials and then tested. An aluminium plastic laminated reflector was chosen for its cost, reflectance and flexibility. The prototype Fresnel reflector had nine rings of 5 cm width held in place by a lightweight wooden construction, giving a diameter of 1.05 m. All rings and wooden holders can be assembled and disassembled and be stored in a small bag. In the tests, a piece of steel was used as receiver. Two different types of surface on the receiver were tested, namely Maxorb sheet and black paint. The tests showed that the Maxorb achieved a stagnation temperature of above 500 °C while the black paint achieved less than 400 °C. The optical efficiency for both was 0.26. Moreover, the collector could remain unadjusted for a duration of 35 minutes without the receiver temperature dropping lower than 300°C at the center.


Lim Say Yong

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Chris Bales

Högskolan Dalarna; Miljöteknik
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