Methodology for identifying parameters for the TRNSYS model Type 210 -wood pellet stoves and boilers

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Keyword: Wood pellets; boiler; stove; combustion calculations; TRNSYS; simulation model, Measurements; validation
Publication year: 2006
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SDG 7 Affordable and clean energy
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This report describes a method how to perform measurements on boilers and stoves and how to identify parameters from the measurements for the boiler/stove-model TRNSYS Type 210. The model can be used for detailed annual system simulations using TRNSYS. Experience from measurements on three different pellet stoves and four boilers were used to develop this methodology. Recommendations for the set up of measurements are given and the re-quired combustion theory for the data evaluation and data preparation are given. The data evalua-tion showed that the uncertainties are quite large for the measured flue gas flow rate and for boilers and stoves with high fraction of energy going to the water jacket also the calculated heat rate to the room may have large uncertainties. A methodology for the parameter identification process and identified parameters for two different stoves and three boilers are given. Finally the identified models are compared with measured data showing that the model generally agreed well with meas-ured data during both stationary and dynamic conditions.


Tomas Persson

Högskolan Dalarna; Miljöteknik
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Frank Fiedler

Högskolan Dalarna; Miljöteknik
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