Construction of a Design for Brand Perspective

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Keyword: Design, Product, Property, Brand, Semiotics
Publication year: 2006

The success of a product in its intended market has a clear relation to the strength of its perceived image or brand, which is enabled by an end-user’s perception the product’s sense-able properties. In other words, it is through our perception of a product’s properties that we consider it appealing. Through the application of semiotic sign theories, brand is proposed to be in a relation to the properties of products, where sense-able properties are the objects of design. This paper considers these perceptive properties of a product, where a product serves as an iconical vehicle of brand in opposition to it symbolizing a function. The value of this research result is found in its attempt to derive a perspective of design that integrates product realization from an Engineering position and product association from a Marketing position in a model called Design for Brand.


Mark W Lange

Högskolan Dalarna; Maskinteknik
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