Kranspetsmonterad markberedningsteknik som komplement eller alternativ i blockig terräng

Grapple-mounted soil scarification equipment as a complement or alternative in rocky terrain

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Keyword: Soil scarification, Soil preparation, Scarifier, Site preparation
Publication year: 2002
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SDG 15 Life on landSDG 2 Zero hunger
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In this report a crane-mounted equipment for soil scarification has been evaluated as a complement or alternative to conventional scarification with disc trencher in rocky terrain. The attachment consists of two pipes with harrow pins that are bolt onto a conventional log grapple. The scarification is done by opening the grapple, placing it to the ground, closing it, lifting and dropping the vegetation and humus layer beside the patch. Two studies are described in this report. One is based on a conventional forwarder-mounted disk trencher, which also has the grapple-mounted equipment. The other study consists of pure crane preparation using a conventional forwarder in very difficult terrain that was not possible to prepare with the disk trencher The study shows that it was possible to reach a good surface-covering preparation even in very difficult terrain by using the crane reach and sections between big blocks. Soil preparation by crane is less sensitive to terrain difficulties and other kind of “obstacles” compared to the conventional technique. The load from i.e. vibrations on driver and machine is relatively small when using the crane.


Tomas Gullberg

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