Vedegenskaper i härskande och behärskade granar vid Remingstorp

Wood properties in dominant and sub-dominant trees of Norway spruce at Remingstorp

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Keyword: Picea Abies, Gran, Trädklasser, Virkesegenskaper, Virkeskvalitet, Hållfasthet, Densitet. Norway spruce, Tree class, Wood properties, Quality of boards, Strength, Basic density.
Publication year: 2001

Variation in wood properties for Picea abies trees and logs of different dimensions has been studied at two sites in southern Sweden of different site quality class. Trees have been classified as dominant or sub-dominant, according to their height. Log and board grades were classified and strength grade of boards, basic density and annual ring width measured. A similar study made on four northern sites was used as reference material. Sub-dominant trees were of superior quality in comparison to dominant trees, when classified by log and board grades or strength grading. Differences were accentuated for the second log where the sub-dominant trees had superior strength and low amount of boards with coarse branches. The results correspond well to those from the northern region, Jämtland. The classifica¬tion of boards as well as bending strength indicated superior properties on timber from northern sites even though the basic density was similar.


U. Karlmats

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