Vidaretransport av skogsbränsle från ungskog med lastbil - kostnadsberäkningar

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Keyword: Bundle, Container, Forest fuel, Main hauling, Terminal, Timber truck, Transport cost, Wood chips
Publication year: 2000

Cost was calculated for main hauling forest fuel (from young stands) from landing to consumer. Cost was calculated for only transport as well as including chipping cost. Two types of material were transported to consumer with a specialised vehicle. The highest transport cost was for fuel chips in containers, and the lowest was for bundles (especially dried bundles). Transport cost for wood via terminal was rather high also, especially on shorter distances. As chipping cost was lowest on terminal and highest in the container system, particularly when chipping in the stand, the container alternative was even more expensive including chipping cost. Cost for the terminal alternative was then a little more positive. Due to limited weight and volume on the transport vehicles the transport cost (per tonne dry substance) was decreasing to a moisture content of 40.9 % for fuel chips (container system) and 44.7 % for bundles. However, a dry material gives other advantages also.


Jerry Johansson

Högskolan Dalarna; Träteknologi
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