Svartgranens vedegenskaper - En pilotstudie

Wood properties of Black spruce - A pilot study

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Keyword: Picea mariana, Annual increment, Basic density, Fibre morphology
Publication year: 1999
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SDG 15 Life on landSDG 13 Climate actionSDG 2 Zero hunger
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Black spruce (Picea mariana) from a trial planted 1932 at Punkaharju Research Station, Finland was examined. Annual increment, basic density and fibre morphology was measured on discs at 3.5 meters height from a total of 49 trees. Black spruce had a rapid height growth in early years but the decrease of the annual increment started earlier than on Norway spruce (Picea abies). Given the same site quality Norway spruce produced higher yield than black spruce did. In spite of the big difference in growth between species fibre properties and basic density were similar to Norway spruce. Black spruce in Scandinavia seems to be an alternative on frost prone sites where Norway spruce has difficulties to establish.


Ulf Karlmats

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