Giving Regional and Local Policy Makers a View of the Regions Firms Foundation for Sustainable Competitiveness

Some Reflections after a Best Business Practice Study in a County of Sweden

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Keyword: Best Business Practice, Practice Based View, Innovation, Benchmarking
Publication year: 2005

This paper deals with the following question: “Can Best Business Practice Studies support regional policy makers with knowledge about imperfections that might need policy interventions?” The basic assumption behind this question is that policy makers intervene to help regional businesses because they believe they need to correct for market failures. The initial part of this paper discusses a ‘Practice Based View’ (PBV) as an alternative or complement to the ‘Resource Based View’ (RBV). The later part show some imperfections or unbalances that can be unfold through a Best Business Practice Study. The basis for this discussion is a Best Business Practice Study in the county of Dalarna in Sweden.


Ragnar Ahlström Söderling

Högskolan Dalarna; Företagsekonomi
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