a simulation tool for train dispatching

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Keyword: Natural Sciences, Computer and Information Sciences, Naturvetenskap, Data- och informationsvetenskap, Train Dispatching
Publication year: 2005
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SDG 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
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This paper introduces main motivations and ideas of the tool called DisTrain whioch is an on-going work. The purpose of thistool is to provide a library to work and solve the Train Dispatching (or re-scheduling) problem. This paper is organized as follow: The first section introduce the briefly the problem and give a small litterature survey around this problem. The second section describes the main motivations and goals of this tool. Section III explain how the problem is represented and the interface between data and the library. Section IV explain how the library works and explain how different algorithms can solve this problem and why they should be tried. The fifth section targets practical issues. Then, section VI, VII conclude this paper and point out the future of DisTrain. This paper describes an on-going research work on the train dispatching problem. This dispatching or re-scheduling problem (which is NP-complete in general cases) lacks a benchmark or a library to test different algorithms. Therefore, we present a modelisation of the problem, on which our future tool is based. The tool is decomposed into a simulation engine (event driven) which may use different algorithms to solve the problem. Different algorithms may be used and tried


Pascal Rebreyend

Högskolan Dalarna; Datateknik
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