Nitrogen treatment

An insect case study

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Keyword: Anoxic, Nitrogen generator, Oxygen scavenger, Insect case, Entomological collection, Pest control, Trogoderma, Anthrenus
Publication year: 2001

Anoxic treatment was tested for pest control on three types of insect cases. Test animals were larvae of Trogoderma angustum (Solier) and Anthrenus verbasci (L). Cases were enclosed in low diffusion plastic and the oxygen level was reduced by use of the VELOXY nitrogen generator. Test was performed 1) with nitrogen treatment only, 2) with 2 sachets of Ageless 200 added during one and two weeks respectively and 3) with 4 and 8 sachets of Ageless 200 added during one week. Oxygen level was reduced to 0.2% by the VELOXY. Temperature was about 22º C and RH around 28% in the cases. In the treatment with VELOXY only, all test specimens died. With 2 Ageless 200 almost all insects survived one week. After two weeks a few larvae survived in the tightest case. With 4 Ageless 200, 3 Trogoderma survived in the tightest case. With 8 sachets all insects died.


Monika Åkerlund

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Jan-Erik Bergh

Högskolan Dalarna; Biologi
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