Solar energy at northern latitudes

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Keyword: Solenergi, Biobränsle, TPV
Publication year: 1997
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SDG 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructureSDG 7 Affordable and clean energySDG 3 Good health and wellbeing
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A joint project between SERC, SLU and National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL in Golden, Colorado, USA aims at building a wood powder fuelled TPV generator. An emitter temperature around 1500 K is required. There are some different biomass fuels capable of producing this temperature in the flame, including wood powder, the only sufficiently uniform solid wood fuel. A stable flame temperature of 1500 K has been achieved in a prototype pilot-scale burner that includes feeder and combustion chamber. Furthermore, a setup for measuring TPV cell efficiency for a wide region of black body emitter temperatures and cell irradiation has been constructed and several 0.6 eV GaInAs TPV cells have been investigated. A setup for testing the chain IR emitter - selectively reflecting filter - TPV cell has been designed. In order to limit the region of filter incident angles - which will make the filter act more efficiently - a special geometry of the internally reflecting tube that transmits the radiation is considered.


Lars Broman

Högskolan Dalarna; Miljöteknik
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