A method for measuring strip temperature in the steel industry

Document identifier: oai:dalea.du.se:1137
Keyword: Grey box identification, Nonlinear modelling, Pyrometer, Steel industry, Temperature measurements
Publication year: 2005
Relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
SDG 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
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In the steel industry, there are many processes that include measuring and control of temperatures. With higher demand on quality, increased production, and effective energy consumption, the use of noncontact temperature measuring techniques has increased. After the cooling section in a continuous annealing-pickling line, the strip temperature is estimated by using the grey box technique. Temperatures are measured in the cavity between the strip and the roller using radiation thermometers. A model is made for estimating strip temperature using the measured temperatures and knowledge of the physics of the process.


Jan Spännar

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Peter Wide

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Björn Sohlberg

Högskolan Dalarna; Elektroteknik
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