Open Learning Environments

combining Web-Based Virtual and Hands-on Science Centre Learning

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Publication year: 2005
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SDG 4 Quality education
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This chapter describes the changes in the role of informal learning education in science centres. It shows by several cases how the rapid development of modern information and communication technologies after the mid-1990s has influenced the traditional hands-on exhibitions towards open learning environments. The reported experiences of the different types of Web-based solutions in science canters provide evidence and practical hints for further development of traditional exhibitions towards open learning environments. Results underscore the role of intrinsic motivation as the key element for learning. The prices and other thresholds for using existing ICT-based learning solutions have decreased considerably, and now the main consideration is whether there are enough social innovations, that is, are there meaningful content and use for the innovative technology? To create an open learning environment from the elements of the exhibition and the Internet is clearly one of the main challenges of science centres.


Hannu Sakari Salmi

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