Maximum concentration for ideal asymmetrical radiation concentrators

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Keyword: Radiation concentrator asymmetrical non-imaging maximum concentration incidence angle
Publication year: 2005

A new relation between the maximum geometric concentration factor C and the angular acceptance interval for asymmetrical ideal non-imaging concentrators is proposed. A generalization of the well-known relation for the two-dimensional case, sin ?c = 1/C where ?c is the acceptance half-angle, results in the proposed relation sin ?2 -sin ?1 = 2/C , where ?1 and ?2 are the angles of the acceptance interval limits relative to the normal of the entrance aperture. The proposed relation is valid for any ideal 2D concentrator, symmetrical or asymmetrical. A proof based on conservation of phase space is provided.


Svante Nordlander

Högskolan Dalarna; Miljöteknik
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