Boundary conditions for simulation of powder bed fusion for metallic glass formation

measurements and calibrations

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Keyword: Engineering and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Teknik och teknologier, Maskinteknik, Teknisk mekanik, Computational Methods, Additive Manufacturing, Thermal Simulation, Bulk Metallic Glass, Solid Mechanics, Hållfasthetslära
Publication year: 2019
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A finite element model for prediction of the temperature field in the powder bed fusion process is presented and compared to measurements. Accurate temperature predictions at the base plate are essential to accurately predict the formation of crystals in a metallic glass forming material. The temperature measurements were performed by equipping the base plate with thermocouples during manufacturing of a cylinder with the glass forming alloy AMZ4. Boundary conditions for heat losses through the base plate/machine contact interfaces was calibrated to fit the measurements. Additional heat losses was used to account for radiation at the top surface and conduction through the powder bed. An interface boundary condition based on conservation of heat flux was examined to match the heat flow to the machine structure and the temperature predictions was satisfying. Still, temperature predictions with a constant heat transfer coefficient matched the measurements within 1.5oC during the entire building process of about 9 hours.


J. Lindwall

Luleå tekniska universitet; Material- och solidmekanik
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C.-J. Hassila

Department of Physics and Astronomy - Ångström Laboratory Uppsala University, Box 516, 751 20 Uppsala, Sweden
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J. J. Marattukalam

Department of Engineering Science - Ångström Laboratory Uppsala University, Box 534, 75121, Uppsala, Sweden
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A. Lundbäck

Luleå tekniska universitet; Material- och solidmekanik
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