Adoption and implementation of systemic innovation in production

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Keyword: Engineering and Technology, Other Engineering and Technologies, Other Engineering and Technologies not elsewhere specified, Teknik och teknologier, Annan teknik, Övrig annan teknik, Innovation Management, Systemic Innovation, Process Innovation, Innovation in Production, Adoption and Implementation, Produktinnovation, Product Innovation
Publication year: 2019
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SDG 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
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Introducing systemic innovations can be a complex endeavour due to the many different interconnected parts and actors. Characteristics that also apply to a production system. Hence, considering innovations introduced in a production system as systemic can provide a better understanding of the dynamics involved in the adoption and implementation process. Innovation adoption and implementation is a well-researched topic. However, different sectors may have unique characteristics influencing the process, calling for industry specific studies. This paper aims to further our understanding of tactics used in the innovation process for successful adoption and implementation of a production innovation. Due to the systemic nature, both the producer side and the user side of the production innovation are considered in the analysis. The studied case provides data from both the Fuzzy Front End (FFE) and from after launch of the innovation, providing the opportunity to reveal tactics used by the production side during the development process to “smoothen” the introduction. Multiple tactics where used to strengthen positive and soften negative aspects of the production innovation. Three groupings could be identified; tactics performed to support adoption and implementation at the production side, tactics intended to facilitate adoption and implementation at the user side, and tactics intended for both sides. The analysis also enabled the identification of several trade-offs that were made along the way: cannibalism vs. customer value, balancing sales and discounts, and partnering vs knowledge dissemination.


Lisa Larsson

Luleå tekniska universitet; Människa och teknik
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Anna Karlsson

Luleå tekniska universitet; Människa och teknik
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