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Keyword: Humanities and the Arts, Arts, Music, Humaniora och konst, Konst, Musik, Authenticity, Voice, American music history, Musikalisk gestaltning, Musical Performance
Publication year: 2019
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Footnotes is a composition by the American composer Bill Brooks from 1983-86. This recording also constitutes the first complete performance of this highly unique and demanding solo work for the instrument. The process of creating this version of the piece is discussed in a recent book chapter by Brooks, Östersjö and the sound engineer Jez Wells. The artistic process has been documented and analyzed as part of a research cluster exploring musical subjectivity at the Orpheus Institute in Gent. 


Stefan Östersjö

Luleå tekniska universitet; Musik och dans
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William Brooks

University of York
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Jeremy J. Wells

University of York
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