Bob Forte Blues & Erik Weissglas

konsert vid Dromosfestivalen, Italien

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Publication year: 2019
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Konsert vid Dromosfestivalen i Nureci, Italien, 14 augusti 2019.

Medverkande: Tancredi Emmi (Bas) Pietro Frunghia (Trummor), Bob Forte (Sång+Gitarr) Erik Weissglas (Gitarr)

Repertoar: "On My Way To Berlin",(Forte), "A Woman That I Know" (Forte-Weissglas), "Nureci" (Forte), "Georgia" (Carmichael) "Stormy Monday" (Walker), "Nothing To Nobody" (Ford), "Wayfaring Stranger" (Forte) "Sunny" (Hebb), "Worried Life Blues" (Merriweather), "With a Little Help From My Friends" (Lennon- McCartney), "Feeling The Same" (Forte) "No Run" (Weissglas) "When I leave" (Forte) "Same Old Blues" (Dixon) "Condesa" (Weissglas), "So Long" (Forte)

Erik Weissglas var solist på följande stycken:

”On My Way To Berlin””Nothing To Nobody””Condesa””Sunny””Worried Life Blues””A Woman That I Know””Feeling The Same””So Long


Erik Weissglas

Luleå tekniska universitet; Musik, medier och teater
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