Antecedents and outcomes of consumer environmentally friendly attitudes and behaviour

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Keyword: Social Sciences, Economics and Business, Business Administration, Samhällsvetenskap, Ekonomi och näringsliv, Företagsekonomi, Marketing, Environmental marketing, Business / Economics - Business studies, Marknadsföring, Ekonomi - Företagsekonomi, Industrial Marketing, Industriell marknadsföring
Publication year: 2010
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SDG 11 Sustainable cities and communitiesSDG 16 Peace, justice and strong institutionsSDG 4 Quality education
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With the intensification of problems relating to the environment, a growing number of consumers are becoming more ecologically conscious in their preferences and purchases of goods. This paper presents the results of a study conducted among 500 Cypriot consumers, focusing on the factors that shape consumer environmental attitudes and behaviour, as well as on the resulting outcomes. The findings confirmed that both the inward and outward environmental attitudes of a consumer are positively influenced by his/her degree of collectivism, long-term orientation, political involvement, deontology, and law obedience, but have no connection with liberalism. The adoption of an inward environmental attitude was also found to be conducive to green purchasing behaviour that ultimately leads to high product satisfaction. On the other hand, an outward environmental attitude facilitates the adoption of a general environmental behaviour, which is responsible for greater satisfaction with life. The findings of the study have important implications for shaping effective company offerings to consumers in target markets, as well as formulating appropriate policies at the governmental level to enhance environmental sensitivity among citizens.


Leonidas C. Leonidou

University of Cyprus
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Constantinos N. Leonidou

University of Leeds
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Olga Kvasova

Luleå tekniska universitet; Industriell Ekonomi
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