Investigation of laser percussion hole drilling by use of speckle correlation

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Access full text here:10.1364/AO.44.006338
Keyword: Engineering and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Teknik och teknologier, Maskinteknik, Teknisk mekanik, Experimentell mekanik, Experimental Mechanics
Publication year: 2005

In this paper speckle correlation is introduced as a tool to investigate the heat-influenced area during material processing with laser light. Two materials were investigated, a pure silver sheet and a sheet of SiC-diamond composite. The processing laser used in the experiments was a diode-pumped acousto-optical Q-switched Nd:YAG laser that allowed percussion hole drilling to be performed using green light through a second-harmonic crystal. The measurements were performed using a continuous-wave He-Ne laser and a digital camera. The experimental results show that the heat-influenced area is ~5000 times larger than the actual hole being drilled and that it reaches a steady-state condition toward the end of the processing cycle


O. Yalukova

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N. Miroshnikova

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Per Gren

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Istvan Sarady

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Mikael Sjödahl

Luleå tekniska universitet; Strömningslära och experimentell mekanik
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