Real-time Big Data Monitoring System

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Keyword: Natural Sciences, Computer and Information Sciences, Media and Communication Technology, Naturvetenskap, Data- och informationsvetenskap, Medieteknik, Hadoop, MapReduce, Monitoring, Pervasive Mobile Computing, Distribuerade datorsystem
Publication year: 2019
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SDG 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
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Modern big data processing systems are becoming very complex in terms of large-scale, high-concurrency and multiple talents. Thus, many failures and performance reductions only happen at run-time and are very difficult to capture. Moreover, some issues may only be triggered when some components are executed. To analyze the root cause of these types of issues, we have to capture the dependencies of each component in real-time. In this paper, we propose SmartMonit, a real-time big data monitoring system, which collects infrastructure information such as the process status of each task. At the same time, we develop a real-time stream processing framework to analyze the coordination among the tasks and the infrastructures. This coordination information is essential for troubleshooting the reasons for failures and performance reduction, especially the ones propagated from other causes.


Umit Demirbaga

Newcastle University. Bartin University
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Ayman Noor

Newcastle University. Taibah University
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Zhenyu Wen

Newcastle University
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Philip James

Newcastle University
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Karan Mitra

Luleå tekniska universitet; Datavetenskap
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Rajiv Ranjan

Newcastle University
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