Modeling and simulation of weld solidification cracking part III

Simulation of solidification cracking in Varestraint tests of alloy 718

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Keyword: Engineering and Technology, Materials Engineering, Other Materials Engineering, Teknik och teknologier, Materialteknik, Annan materialteknik, Solidification cracking, Hot cracking, Varestraint testing, Computational welding mechanics, Alloy 718, Material Mechanics, Materialmekanik
Publication year: 2019
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Several advanced alloy systems are susceptible to weld solidification cracking. One example is nickel-based superalloys, which are commonly used in critical applications such as aerospace engines and nuclear power plants. Weld solidification cracking is often expensive to repair, and if not repaired, can lead to catastrophic failure. This study, presented in three papers, presents an approach for simulating weld solidification cracking applicable to large-scale components. The results from finite element simulation of welding are post-processed and combined with models of metallurgy, as well as the behavior of the liquid film between the grain boundaries, in order to estimate the risk of crack initiation. The first paper in this study describes the crack criterion for crack initiation in a grain boundary liquid film. The second paper describes the model required to compute the pressure and thickness of the liquid film required in the crack criterion. The third and final paper describes the application of the model to Varestraint tests of alloy 718. The derived model can fairly well predict crack locations, crack orientations, and crack widths for the Varestraint tests. The importance of liquid permeability and strain localization for the predicted crack susceptibility in Varestraint tests is shown.


Joar Draxler

Luleå tekniska universitet; Material- och solidmekanik
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Jonas Edberg

Luleå tekniska universitet; Material- och solidmekanik
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J. Andersson

University West, Trollhättan, Sweden
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Lars-Erik Lindgren

Luleå tekniska universitet; Material- och solidmekanik
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