A Framework for Monitoring Microservice-Oriented Cloud Applications in Heterogeneous Virtualization Environments

Document identifier: oai:DiVA.org:ltu-76208
Access full text here:10.1109/CLOUD.2019.00035
Keyword: Natural Sciences, Computer and Information Sciences, Media and Communication Technology, Naturvetenskap, Data- och informationsvetenskap, Medieteknik, Microservices, Monitoring, Container, VM, Cloud computing, Pervasive Mobile Computing, Distribuerade datorsystem
Publication year: 2019
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Microservices have emerged as a new approach for developing and deploying cloud applications that require higher levels of agility, scale, and reliability. To this end, a microservice-based cloud application architecture advocates decomposition of monolithic application components into independent software components called "microservices". As the independent microservices can be developed, deployed, and updated independently of each other, it leads to complex run-time performance monitoring and management challenges. To solve this problem, we propose a generic monitoring framework, Multi-microservices Multi-virtualization Multi-cloud (M3) that monitors the performance of microservices deployed across heterogeneous virtualization platforms in a multi-cloud environment. We validated the efficacy and efficiency of M3 using a Book-Shop application executing across AWS and Azure.


Ayman Noor

Newcastle University. Taibah University
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Devki Nandan Jha

Newcastle University
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Karan Mitra

LuleƄ tekniska universitet; Datavetenskap
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Prem Prakash Jayaraman

Swinburne University of Technology
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Arthur Souza

Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
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Rajiv Ranjan

Newcastle University
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Schahram Dustdar

Vienna University of Technology
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