The Evolution of Digital Platforms

Exploring the Interplay between Digital Generativity and Solution Value Space

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Keyword: Social Sciences, Economics and Business, Business Administration, Samhällsvetenskap, Ekonomi och näringsliv, Företagsekonomi, Platforms, Solutions, Digital servitization, Advanced services, Entreprenörskap och innovation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Publication year: 2019
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SDG 11 Sustainable cities and communities
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This study explores how the evolution of digital platforms enable the growth of solution value space in manufacturing firms. Greater generativity of digital modules increases the value space and associated solution scope of the digital platforms. This study focuses on the evolution of digital platforms, that is, how design recombination of digital module units can facilitate manufacturers to deliver multiple advanced solutions through use recombination. Based on multiple case studies in the construction industry, the findings present the maturity model of three digital platforms for manufacturers: (1) connected product platform, (2) fleet management platform and (3) digital industrial platforms. First, connected product platform generates a service space from a single digital module as a value offer to customer. Second, fleet management platform leverages on assemblages of digital modules that enables multiple advanced solutions though use recombination. Finally, digital industrial platform extends the level of platform openness by promoting digital generativity to specialized complementors. Thus, study also sheds light on the generativity tension by helping firms to navigate the balance between promoting and constraining digital generativity.


Marin Jovanovic

Copenhagen Business School
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Vinit Parida

Luleå tekniska universitet; Industriell Ekonomi
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David Sjödin

Luleå tekniska universitet; Industriell Ekonomi
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