An introduction to the Norrbotten County Forest Sector Model

Technical report for a regional partial equilibrium model

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Keyword: Social Sciences, Economics and Business, Economics, Samhällsvetenskap, Ekonomi och näringsliv, Nationalekonomi, Partial equilibrium modeling, Forest sector model, Roundwood, Competition, Steel industry, Optimization problem
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The Norrbotten County Forest Sector Model (NCFSM) is a regional partial equilibrium (PE) model that includes all the current major forest industries in three geographical regions, and future prospective woody user (i.e., consumers) in the aggregated iron- and steel industry (ISI) sector. As an initial case, the three included regions are Norrbotten County, and the Rest of northern Sweden, and Northern Finland. The addition of the ISI sector represents a novelty in terms of modeling the value-chain of woody material within the Swedish context, and more specifically in Norrbotten County. The primary purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed technical description of model assumptions, structure, and data input. While the NCFSM initially was developed to explore the effect of changing market conditions and increased feedstock competition, the model is well-suited to analyze a wide array of different research questions connected to the forestry and forest industry.


Elias Olofsson

Luleå tekniska universitet; Samhällsvetenskap
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