Traversing the chiasm of lived teaching and learning experience

embodied practicum in music teacher education

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Keyword: Social Sciences, Educational Sciences, Pedagogy, Samhällsvetenskap, Utbildningsvetenskap, Pedagogik, Social sciences - Education, Musikpedagogik, Socialvetenskap - Pedagogik, Music Education
Publication year: 2015

Earlier studies of educational quality in music teacher education have valued practicum as one of the most important parts of music teacher education. Not a least have those experiences in the field been appreciated by students. In order to develop high quality music teacher education, we have to understand what happens in practicum contexts: in the meeting between, teacher students, practicum supervisors, students, steering documents, culture, and music, when student teachers perceive that they learn how to teach music in adequate ways. This paper tries to understand such meetings and learning situations from a phenomenological perspective, namely based on the concept ”chiasm” as developed by Maurice Merlau-Ponty. Expressed by the Greek letter χ (chi), chiasm means a crisscrossing of the perceiving and the perceived, self and other, and language and meaning. Chiasm also signifies an inter-twining, an intersection, reversibility, or the process of flowing of phenomena one into another. By that, chiasm can symbolically represent practicum as an intertwining of theory and practice. Like the crosspiece, practicum within music teacher education can become an endless journey and the meeting place of a student teacher’s self with the world of different and unique music teaching and learning experiences, unpredictable turns, challenges and wonders. This article attempts to communicate a glimpse of such a journey, expressed through five music teacher students’ stories. The stories were produced through individual and group interviews performed within a larger Norwegian-Swedish research project focusing educational quality in music teacher education. Hopefully the analysed stories contribute with knowledge about how individuals and groups embody knowledge about their musical teaching and learning life-worlds. Key-words; music teacher education, practicum, educational quality, chiasm, flesh


Cecilia Ferm

Luleå tekniska universitet; Musik och dans
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