Enhanced collaboration models in eMaintenance projects

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Publication year: 2019
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The increased digitalisation has led to greater transparency in recent decades, even in the railway industry, as it is now has taken a more holistic approach, discussing the railways as one system and introduced eMaintenance as a concept. Today the railway system is divided in several subsystems managed by different stakeholders, all having their own business objectives. In order to enhance the collaboration in the Swedish railway, Trafikverket initiated a project called ePilot in 2013, where all the stakeholders were invited to participate with the objective to implement results from research and development within railway maintenance.

ePilot provides a collaboration platform for the development of solutions for maintenance decision support, based on the needs and requirements from various stakeholders, in order to enable and transform the Swedish fragmented rail industry to an integrated industry. A new collaboration model has been developed in the ePilot, providing tools and game rules for enhanced collaboration towards jointly agreed goals. The model is dependent on trust, credibility in order for all parties to feel safe, during the whole project.

This paper will describe factors enabling a successful collaboration, collaborative methodology and provide conditions for continued participation in the ePilot project.


Ulla Juntti

Omicold AB, Luleå, Sweden
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Veronica Jägare

Luleå tekniska universitet; Drift, underhåll och akustik
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