Explicit formulas for Green's functions on the annulus and on the Möbius strip

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Keyword: Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis, Naturvetenskap, Matematik, Matematisk analys
Publication year: 1998
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Given a fixed point free antianalytic involution k of a domain G in thecomplex plane, bounded by a finite number of analytic curves, k-invariant Green sfunctions are defined on G. The Lindelöf s principle is extended to k-invariantGreen s functions. When G is the annulus, k-invariant Green s functions areobtained in the explicit form. Since the factorization of the annulus by the group k generated by k produces a Möbius strip, the respective result helped us to obtain explicitforms for Green s functions on the Möbius strip.symmetric Riemann surface - nonorientable Klein surface - Green s function - k-invariant Green s function


Ilie Barza

Luleå tekniska universitet
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Dorin Ghisa

Glendon College, York University, Toronto
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