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Welcome to Swedish scientific publications

About this service aims to present, visualize, and make accessible the publication data found in the open SwePub collection to different stakeholders and policymakers in the society (e.g. journalists, politicians, business organisations, NGOs, non-profit actors) but also to the general public.

This is a mirror (last complete update/refresh OCT21) of the SwePub collection encompassing nearly 2 million publications including more than 700 000 Open Access and Online accessible documents. NB. This is a beta service so please be patient when loading a request - we cannot guarantee that all metadata are always 100% correct. The scientifc publications are delivered directly from their source. Perform boolean searches with parantheses and include AND/OR/NOT.

The different search parameters that can be used with this service:

  • year:XXXX - Search publications within this year XXXX, e.g. year:1650
  • aff:"XXXX" - Search publications with affiliation to institution XXXX, e.g. aff:"Uppsala universitet"
  • genre:"XXXX" - Search publications of genre XXXX, e.g. genre:"publication/journal-article"
  • type:sdgXX - Search publications of Sustatinable Development Goal XX, e.g. type:sdg9
  • type:doc - Search Doctoral Dissertations
  • type:lic - Search Licentiate Theseses
  • role:"XXXX" - Search publications where person XXXX have had a role, e.g. role:"Dick Harrison"
  • aut:"XXXX" - Search publications where person XXXX have been the author, e.g. aut:"Kaj Blennow"
  • kw:"XXXX" - Search publications with the keyword XXXX, e.g. kw:"Laser welding"
  • lang:XXXX - Search publications written in langugage XXXX, e.g. lang:Latin

All search parameters can be joined using AND/OR, e.g.

We are happy to receive any comments or suggestions to improve the service